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(via sesolosapessiciocheprovo)

Per me, mettere foto dei propri tagli su tumblr è esibizionismo. Perché se una persona soffre davvero, l’ultima cosa che pensa è a mettere le foto del suo autolesionismo su internet.


reasons why you love him so much.

Thank you, Matt. For your amazing Doctor.

Please don't make me do this

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28 days till who countdown meme

28 days until who (late): Favorite Doctor

Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith

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"I was trying to do the right thing. For you."

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elementary • 1.02
friendship is not a requirement of cohabitation.

nikitameme - [5/8] characters ⇢ Seymour Birkhoff

"It is not yours to question the genius; only to marvel at it."
you’re not gonna lose me.

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“You know what? I know your boyfriend is right there, but I don’t care. I love you. You brought us all together. Good luck, and I hope you come back.” [x]

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You run for the borders where epistles burn in the arms of man

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